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These retreats are AMAZING! There is so much thought put into them, the location is divine and you are guaranteed to feel incredible afterwards.

A delicate but no-nonsense mix of healthy, beautiful nourishment for the mind, body and soul, you are invited to dine together, experience educational and fulfilling Yoga workshops, take long walks in the picturesque setting and first and foremost to RELAX and REJUVENATE your SELF.

Fruit Tree Therapists at the Lunar Festival

The Lunar Festival is fast approaching and we are all really excited!
I would like to introduce you to the Fruit Tree team by posting small biographies written by the therapists themselves.
Be sure to have a read and save some money for when you’re at the festival so that you can revive, relax and fix anything that is in need of it!
They are a wonderful team of people and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

First up is Debbie Buck of dktherapy.

Debbie Buck dktherapy

Debbie Buck

And here is Roland Baskerville of Positive Shift:

Roland Baskerville

Introducing Laura Higgins:

Laura is a qualified Complementary Therapist who became interested in this subject in 2004 when she experienced reiki, reflexology, massage and aromatherapy for the first time. From this point onwards Laura started to train in Complementary Therapies. Laura learnt reiki first and soon realised the potential therapeutic effects that Complementary Therapies. Laura went on to study aromatherapy, massage and reflexology, and still continues to expand her skill set. Working within her own private practice and the addiction setting meant that Laura had a range of clients presenting with all sorts of issues and wanted to further her knowledge and skills. Laura went on to study a range of massage techniques which includes pregnancy care, and flower essences due to client demand to name but a few. In addition to Laura’s private practice she uses her experience to work with clients who have addictions on a one-to-one basis and in group settings which includes relaxation sessions.

Laura has also worked with clients who are looking for stress relief at both small and large public events for taster treatments. Using her many tools Laura is able to help relax clients by the use of therapeutic touch, massage techniques, essential oils, pressure/reflexology points and energy work. Laura works on a freelance basis as a community arts assistant which gives her plenty of experience with working with families at public events (Universe of sound project for Birmingham Symphony Hall 2013). She has worked for community engagement projects where she is delivering a range of treatments, in a variety of settings like community hall, parks, Birmingham City Council and charitable organisations. I have experience of delivering seated massage at the NEC for expectant mothers (Baby Show 2013) and to keen hobby-crafter’s at the Hobby Craft show 2014. Laura is passionate about her work and loves meeting people and enabling them try Therapies for the first time allowing access to all without barriers. I love my work and the new challenges it brings. It allows me to meet and work with some amazing people which is the best part of my job.

And Joanne Swain at Balanced Sole:

Joanne Swain
Clinical Reflexologist
Centralia Reflexology Mastership (Level 5)
Professional Reflexology (PRM), Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

My aim is to provide individual treatment to help restore your body’s nature balance and promote a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Hi, I’m Joanne and I am a clinical reflexologist. At the Lunar Festival, I will be offering short treatments of reflexology to help restoring body balance. This can be done by pressure point foot or hand massage, or auricular reflexology (ear massage).

I am passionate about the power of the hands-on treatment of reflexology. I first discovered it to help alleviate my own health issues which I suffered from by working in a stressful corporate environment for 15 years. Having experienced the benefits for myself, I retrained as a clinical reflexologist, as I wanted to help other people enjoy holistic health and well-being through this great and effective treatment.

Outside of reflexology, my other passions in life are wildlife and travelling, and I like to get away to new and exciting places around the world with my boyfriend as often as I can. I especially have a love of Africa, elephants and safaris! I take time to look after myself through exercise, yoga and meditation. I also love socialising with friends and family, eating good food and enjoying life!

Joanne Swain
[email protected]
[email protected]
07443 549969

Here is Roy Lawrence:

My name is Roy Lawrence, I have been a holistic therapist since 2008
I will be providing Indian Head massage, Swedish Body massage and Reiki at the Lunar Festival, Indian Head massage and Swedish Body massage are both deeply relaxing massages which are excellent for relieving tension in your back, and neck and shoulders, after carrying a heavy rucksack or after a hard night of partying and then sleeping in a tent on rock hard ground. Whilst Reiki is very good for reconnecting with the earth and yourself if you feel spaced out which is something which often happens at a festival. For more details on the therapies I provide go to www.holisticroy.co.uk. I have previously worked at Glastonbury, V, Big Chill, Waveform and Buddhafield festivals so I have experience of treating a variety of festival clients.

And last but by far not least, the lovely Victoria Smith of Lotus Blossom Holistic & Beauty Therapies:

I originally qualified as a beauty therapist in 1987, I ran my own business for a few years selling natural cosmetics and hair products. I also ran party plan evenings, demonstrating products and beauty treatments. I have recently found myself in the fortunate position to be able to set up my own business providing holistic and beauty therapies. I enjoyed body massage the most and so I have dedicated the last year to increasing my skills and knowledge in holistic therapies, and gaining qualifications in holistic massage techniques. At Lunar Festival I will be offering therapies such as Indian Head, Oriental Face, Thai Foot, Oriental Hand Massages and Reflexology.
I look forward to meeting you at Lunar. Please follow Lotus Blossom Holistic and Beauty Therapies on Facebook to find out more.

Therapies Offered
Indian Head Massage
The treatment consists of massage to the neck and shoulders to warm the muscles, moving on to the head and scalp and finishes with stimulation of facial acupressure points and gentle facial massage.
This massage helps to release tension in tired muscles leaving you feeling relaxed.

Oriental Hand Massage
The treatment stats with massage to the forearms before moving on to the palm and then back of your hand and fingers. It finishes with massage to the Heart, Fate and Life lines.
A wonderfully relaxing massage designed to refresh fatigued muscles and tendons of the hand and lower arm.

Thai Foot Massage
Starting with the lower leg, this massage then moves on to the foot. Stimulating and relaxing movements refresh the feet. A combination of stroking and deeper pressure techniques help stimulate circulation and carry away toxins from tired dancing feet!

Relax whilst your feet are gently massaged then pressure applied to your reflex points on your feet, it is believed this clears blocked energy flow throughout the body. The treatment with finish with more soothing massage. Not advisable for those with ticklish feet!

Oriental Face Massage
The treatments consists of soothing massage to the face, gentle pressure is then applied to acupressure points on your face, detoxifying massage strokes all over the face will then smooth away tension and slow drainage strokes remove toxins.

As you can see, the team is AMAZING!!! You will not be disappointed with the therapies that are on offer by the wonderful people who will be providing them.
Come and find us!

Fruit Tree Therapies at Lunar Festival

Lunar Banner

It was hard to think of an appropriate name for the healing area at the Lunar Festival…..I was asked to make it Nick Drake related which left me even more stumped for inspiration as I’m not familiar with his music!
Despite being a bit depressing, I chose the song title ‘Fruit Trees’ and found it to fit in nicely with the festival site as well as being an apt name for healing therapies.

Here is what you can expect from Fruit Tree Therapies at the Lunar Festival:

A heavenly haven of specially selected healers and therapists will be nestled against the backdrop of Umberslade Estate’s beautiful flora. The Fruit Tree Therapists will be offering an array of different treatments to make you feel happy, rejuvenated and relaxed.
For those who do not take well to camping in the confines of a tent, the healing hands of the Fruit Tree will aim to fix and recover your aches and pains.
Too much dancing? Then indulge in a therapeutic foot and leg massage to ensure you can carry on through the night!
Whatever the reason, we will be there, so come and have a bit of time out to re-energise your festival spirit :)
Expect such delights as Lava Shell Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Bowen Therapy and so much more. Biographies of the wellbeing practitioners who will be welcoming you to the Fruit Tree will be posted soon.


Therapists wanted for Festival

Lunar Festival

I am currently looking for holistic therapists who would like to be involved in the healing area at the Lunar Festival (6-8th June).
If you have your own bell tent or tipi (or anything similar) then that is a bonus, but if you don’t then please apply anyway, because there are other options.

You must be fully insured and qualified in the therapies that you offer.
You must be professional but have a fun-loving attitude :)

If you or someone that you know could be interested in this opportunity and would like more information, then please contact me ASAP.
There is limited space so speed is the essence!

Workplace Massage

I am now available for workplace therapies.
If you are an employer who would like to provide this service for your employees, then please get in touch to discuss the options.
More detailed information will be up on the website very soon.

Mums LOVE Massage!

Mums Love Massage

Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day with a voucher for one of the following luxurious treatments:

* Aromatherapy back, neck & shoulder massage, followed by an Aromatherapy based Reflexology treatment on the feet.

* Indian Head Massage including hands & arms, using an Aromatherapy blend mixed with coconut oil.

Treatments last for 1 hour and are at a special Mother’s day rate of £30.
Vouchers are valid until 30th June 2014 at Footworks Chiropody and Sophie’s Beauty Boutique.

Please contact me to purchase one of the vouchers :)

Holistic Treatments at Footworks


I am now able to offer all of my holistic treatments at Footworks Chiropody Clinic in the City Centre!

From now until the end of December I am offering 20% off all treatments to all new Holli Young Holistics clients! If you are an existing client of mine, then you can take advantage of this offer by recommending a friend.

If you need a pre-Christmas stress busting massage then take a break from the shopping and come and see me :)

Reflexology and Arthritis


Please click HERE to read an article written by Arthritis Digest which states that Reflexology can reduce the pain levels associated with arthritis.
There is not a substantial amount of scientific evidence to back this up but this is due to insufficient funding being made available for clinical trials.
There is a wealthy bank of medical trials which have been conducted and documented in China, but ‘…because they are not written in English they will not be accepted in academic journals.’
If this is true then it is outrageous!!!! Do we not have translators in this day and age?!

Neuromatrix Theory of Pain

The complexities of pain have been scientifically studied and dissected for centuries. It is still a phenomenon which baffles medical experts but the latest explanation is the Neuromatrix Theory of Pain. It is not something that I can explain myself but I have found a web based article which I found to be very useful in understanding it on a basic level.

Reflexology and Massage Therapy can be very effective in reducing the severity and duration of pain. The science behind it is based upon the neuromatrix theory of pain, whereby mood and stress directly affects the experience of pain; therefore any treatment that reduces stress will reduce pain.

You can read the article HERE.